Printed Black & White Flared,Floor-Length Anarkali Kurta Under 1000/-

An Anarkali is a form of women’s wear,which has basically originated from Lahore.This is a type of long frock with slim fitted or flared bottom. Anarkali has got it’s name from Anarkali,a courtesan in the court of the Mughal Emperor,Akbar.

             So ladies,today, I’ve brought an anarkali which is made up of Pure cotton and is bold in colour i.e. Black which will definitely enhance and accentuate one’s feature,when worn.

                 The fabric of this anarkali kurta,is very light weight and ultra comfortable as it’s as i’ve already mentioned,made up of a pure cotton fabric. The kurta has got white printing all over,which looks eye-catching over this black colour. Now,the colour Black,as I always tell,makes us look more leaner than we actually are,it also makes our complexion lighter than our actual skin tone.

                 Again,the mandarin neck pattern in this anarkali,gives an elongated look to one’s neck and provides one with both,formal and a casual look. So all-in-all,a mandarin collared neck-line gives one a versatile look.

                   The small detailings given beneath the neck area,gives the entire kurta,a very sophisticated and elegant look.

                      This kurta has a three-quartered sleeves,which is the most comfortable to wear and there is no need to push up the sleeves to the level,as often happens when a long sleeve dress is worn. Moreover,these sleeves also tends to protect one’s hands  from getting tanned(and this is the brownie point for us) besides giving a chic,classy look.

                  Not only from the front side,but the kurta has got the same printing over it,at it’s back side too which looks very stylish. Now,the pattern made in this anarkali dress,gives it a very modern appeal. To sum it all,this piece has got both, traditional yet modern charm to it.


               To end it all,just team this anarkali kurta with a chuncky pair of earrings (most preferably,silver ones,as seen in the picture above). Apply a lil nude make-up or a fill your lips up with a red lipstick to give you a bold and dauntless look. Tie up your hair,or let it be open,(it all depends on you) and complete your entire look with a pair of flats or may be a Kolhapuri Chappal(sleepers) and you are good to go.

              So flaunt this beautiful and classy Black and White anarkali kurta at you offices or colleges or may be,at small functions or parties and fetch loads n loads of compliments. Not only this,you get all these at a very affordable price,below 1000 bucks,yes,you have heard it right !!! So this is really like an icing on the cake !!!

                  And the surprise is not yet over,you get sizes till 4xl in this particular apperal,so this is great indeed for all the plus-size ladies/girls. So ladies ,what are you waiting for?? If you are gonna get this beautiful kurta,which in-turn,just accentuates your looks and your persona as a whole ,at this affordable price,why to wait and let the stock run out? Go,just grab one for yourself or your loved ones.

                   If you want to see the video,on my youtube channel, Priyadarshini Talks,in which I’ve explained everything about this kurta in detail and also provided with a Try-On, I am giving you the Link of the Video Here:

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Printed,Light-Weight Cotton Sarees Perfect For Teachers,Bankers And House-Makers❤️

Saree is one versatile garment,that represents the true heritage of India and it’s tradition. This century old garment,is now adorned by all women across the globe,it is now,not only limited in India,but now is adorned by almost all the woman in the world.

Though our market is flooded with different varieties of sarees,the most comfortable and elegant are the ones made up of cotton fabric. These sarees are actually very light-weight and are perfect for an office goer,a teacher or a house-wife.

So,i’ve posted about some varieties of sarees earlier too in my blog,but today,I am going to talk about two very beautiful sarees which is made up of cotton fabric and are very light weight. The most interesting thing about these two sarees are,they are of-course Branded,(Saree Mall)but they are also very budget friendly starting only at 521/-

Therefore,you get quality under your budget. These sarees are,as I told,made up of cotton,so they are very breathable,easy to carry and also body hugging(so that you look in shape wearing them)

The pink saree,in this collection,is full of floral print all over it and has a simple satin border,and on the other hand,the red one,runs on a plain concept except the broad zari border given on both it’s sides. Both the sarees are 5.5mtrs in length and have 80cms of running blouse with them,you just have to cut the blouse piece and get it stitched(design) according to your choice or you can simply team another contrasting blouse with these sarees, keep the entire saree for draping and can achieve many pleats,coz a well- pleated saree,brings out the best out of a saree and the person wearing it😊.

A saree imparts feminity and flatters almost all body-types. It completely accentuates a woman’s looks. It gives women,a sense of Elegance,Grace and Luxury. And this is the reason, it’s been chosen by most of the Bollywood actresses on the Red Carpet. A saree gives flexibility to be worn in any style or to be accessorized with any type of jewellery according to one’s choice.

We can’t always wear a saree,which is gaudy and flashy. These heavy sarees can be only worn at marriages but the sarees I’ve brought for you today,can be worn,as I told,anytime,they are an all-season saree and suitable for a party or function too,if accessorized and draped properly.

In case,you want to grab these beautiful,comfortable and budget-friendly sarees for yourself,I am providing you with the buying Link. And if you want to see the video of these beauties,on my you tube channel, Priyadarshini Talks,you can see here:

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Black & Gold Budget Friendly Saree By Ishin To Accentuate Your Look🖤

There are varieties of sarees in my wardrobe,but this saree,with Black and Gold colour combination,has taken my heart away. This saree is made up of cotton material,which is very light weight (as cottons are) and at the same time,has a lil sheen on it. So these properties of this saree,make it a completely party wear.

          Now, coming to the colour,gold and black,these two colours makes us look very graceful and elegant. And not-to-forget,the colour Black makes us look a bit leaner than we are. One who wears this saree,will attain a spotting personality.

          This saree has,as you can see,a broad golden border on it’s lower part,and a less broader one,at the upper part. The middle part of this saree is kept jet black. You will find no embroidery work or sequins in this saree,but it has a beauty,a charm of it’s own. The saree is 5.5 mtrs in length and has 80cms of a blouse piece,which can be stitched according to your choice or preferences,here,you can be your own designer.

              The end portion,or the anchal/pallu area of the saree again is definitely in a golden colour,but this time, it’s a copperish golden type of colour,which enhances it’s beauty and elegance. The tasseled details at the end of the saree completes it’s looks. This saree will indeed,make you stand apart at any function or party. You will be just be the centre of attraction everywhere and anywhere you go.


Now,how can we forget some styling tips with this saree. This saree can be worn with a good pair of heels and a chunky piece of earrings. Tie up your hair or let it just fall,it’s all your choice,apply a lil make-up,a nude make-up with this piece of beauty,would be my choice. And you’ll be ready to rock❤️

             Above all,this is a very pocket friendly saree,at just Rs.1664 and is of-course a branded one,it’s from the Brand,Ishin,which is a very renouned brand when we talk about women apperals.

           So ladies,go and grab a piece for yourself. It’s just perfect for any age-group. This saree is indeed a must-have in your wardrobe.

             In case you want to see the full detail of this beautiful drape,you can do so,by watching my video of this saree:

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The Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine For 25+

Hey people,so today I’ve brought the best anti-aging skin care routine for you,if you are 25 and above,this skin-care regimen, is definitely going to help you a lot.

As the popular saying goes,”with age, comes wisdom”,but we can’t at all forget,the wrinkles,the dryness that we get on our skin,while we age. As we age,our skin loses its Natural oil,and that’s the reason,we start getting a dry,dull skin,which in turn,takes the form of wrinkles and fine lines.Though we can’t completely Stop the pricess of aging,(coz it’s just natural),we can definitely slower it by following the tips of this skin-care routine,and thus,making ourselves age gracefully.


Keep your face clean and for that,try to apply a moisturising face- wash,instead of a foaming face- wash,which actually,makes our skin very dry,by pulling out the natural oil out.A creamy or a moisturising cleanser,helps retain moisture on and within your skin,and this is the first Step,to get rid of Fine lines & Wrinkles.


Now the second step towards a healthy skin,is exfoliating your skin with a nice exfoliator(scrub) if your choice or according to your skin type. Scrubbing makes your skin free from the dry skin cells,making it softer and hydrated.


Do Not forget to apply a serum, according to your skin type,on your cleansed skin. A right type of serum,makes your skin Firmer,Softer and Radient with Regular Usage. A good serum,replenishes your skin with moisture,it basically locks the moisture within the skin surface,and makes the skin free from fine lines and wrinkles,that are caused due to the dryness of the skin making the skin Glowing and Radient. So do Not forget to use a skin serum,suitable for a day,and night time too.


Now,moisturizing our skin it also like feeding your skin,I must say. Moisturising your skin,renews your skin cells and revives your skin tone too. But it’s necessary,that when we use a moisturizer,first of all,it must contain atleast  SPF 30 and if you spend much more time outdoors,you must use a moisturizer with SPF 60 or more than that. Almost all of us use moisturizing creams on our face,but how many of us make sure to apply the cream on our neck and chest area? So ladies,this is a must do while  applying your moisturising creams,(when you use it atop your serum and beneath your make-up),do Not forget to apply it on your neck and chest area,coz these are the areas,which tend to get dry soon,attracting wrinkles and fine- lines.


When we talk about a nice anti-aging skin care regimen,how can we forget our Eye area? The skin under and around our eyes,is the most delicate one and this is the reason,why we get wrinkles around our eye area very soon and easily. So it’s necessary to use an under eye cream,which targets the area,with visible signs of aging,like fine-lines,dark circles,wrinkels,under-eye-bags etc. But it’s important to keep in mind,that  do Not be Harsh while using these under eye creams,apply it gently using the tip of your finger,and pat it slowly and that’s all.


Everyone loves make-up and any of us do not step out without apply the basic make-up atleast. For this,always remember to grab a hydrating foundation (again according to your skin type & tone), instead of those,which dry up and steals our skin’s moisture,making it look very cakey and dull. Try using a foundation,with gives your skin a natural looking coverage and at the same time,protects your skin from the damage done by the sun.


Now,after applying make-up,never ever,go to sleep without taking it out from your skin surface,coz it will block your pores and will eventually,result in pimples and even broken skin due to dryness. So for a clear,healthy skin you need to remove your make-up with a nice make-up remover or micellar water,which again provides hydration to your skin along with making it clean from make-up, dirt and debris. But I must say again,that do Not use the remover harshly on your skin surface,never rub it on your skin,apply it gently,with the help of a cotton pad.


So,to end up with the daily skin-care regime,use a night serum after cleansing your face and follow it up with a good anti-wrinkle cream. Night is the time,when our skin gets repaired and renewed. So don’t forget to make use of this time,so that you can wake up with a hydrated and glowing skin,that is completely free from fine-lines and wrinkles😊😊

                 So,hope you guys found this blog to be a lil useful😊 and if I’ve missed any point out here,feel free to give me suggestions. Lastly,I wanna say that never go Dehydrated. Yes,our skin-care regimen is never complete,if we don’t take care of our skin from within. So make sure to have healthy drinks (juices,soups etc)and plain water in ample amount as required by your body. Eat healthy,drink healthy and take care of your skin from outside,and definitely you will be blessed with a Healthy,Glowy,Scar-free & Wrinkle- free skin. Keep Smiling,keep Shining ❤️ Thank you 💕

Red Bridal Kanjivaram Silk Saree At An Affordable Price❤️

When talking about an Elegant, Indian ethnic wear,it is a Saree which comes in our minds first. Saree is basically an Indian garment,that consists of an unstitched drape,typically wrapped around the waist area,with one end along the shoulder. A saree varies from 6 to 9 meters in length and 600 to 1200 millimetres in breadth.

            There are varieties and varieties of saree, but today we are going to talk about one variety,which is also known to be the Queen of all sarees,i.e, Kanjivaram silk saree. Now Kanjivaram silk saree is basically from Kanchipuram,a region in Tamil Nadu,India. These sarees are worn as a bridal wear or on special occasions by most women in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

             The speciality of this saree lies in it’s texture,glimmer,permanence and refinement.The material used in these sarees is Kanchipuram Silk which makes it quite expensive due to its weight and finesse. These sarees have a contrasting,wide border with floral,checks or striped pattern on it. The most important thing,which makes a Kanjivaram silk saree different from all other sarees is it’s thread embroidery work,which is done all over the saree this giving it a very heavy,lavish and exquisite look.

                But what if you get such a lavish look under your budget and again at the comfort of your home? So  the saree which I am presenting before you ,is a beautiful red kanjivaram silk blend saree which is definitely going to fetch lots of compliments for you, wherever you go wearing it.

Buying Link:

                Now you might wonder,why am I telling that this is a pocket-friendly saree(coz Kanjivaram silk sarees are expensive),it’s budget friendly because,as I said it’s a silk-blend saree,if I would recommend you a pure silk saree,it definitely would be costlier. But keeping in mind that everyone and anyone can own this lavish piece of beauty,I’ve again searched this beautiful saree for you from the Brand Mitera.

               You also must be thinking,that if this is a budget- friendly saree,the quality must be hampered. No, definitely Not,the quality of the saree is again very soft. It’s not at all harsh like many cheaper sarees available in the markets. The fabric of this particular saree is very light weight,glossy and very soft. It’s doesn’t get crushed that easily.And moreover,no one is ever going to get a clue that it’s a silk blend saree at such a cost efficient price. It’s just looks like an Original Kanjivaram Silk Saree.

                The saree is full of floral embroidery and heavy border on both the sides. It is a 5.5 mtrs saree and also has a 80 cms blouse piece with it,so that you can get it stitched according to your preferences.

            The colour,the embroidery work,and the weight of this particular saree,makes it apt to flaunt at any marriage or for that matter,at any party or function. This saree is also suitable for being included as a Bridal wear. The saree is,as you can see bright red in colour,which is again considered to be a very auspicious colour and is mostly adorned by the Indian Brides on her wedding day.

                So,if you want,you can grab this beautiful drape for you at a price less than 1300/-😱

Buying Link:

                 In case, you want to see the detailed video of this saree on my youtube channel, Priyadarshini Talks,the Link is:

GUCCI Extracts Money Just Coz Of It’s Brand Name🙄

Lately,an Italian,well-known Brand,Gucci has come into controversy,after launching it’s so called,Kaftan,worth 💲3,500,which is approximately,Rs.2.5 Lakhs.

        Now,the reason of this controversy, is the picture of this so called, ‘Kaftan’,which is not really what we call it a proper Kaftan, but it’s just like the costlier version of the Indian Kurtas,which are easily available at a very cheaper price in the local markets of India.The brand’s (Gucci’s)latest collection has kurtas with traditional neck-lines and tassels,which reminds us of the Classic Kurtas worn by almost all the Indian ladies.

             The kurta,as I’ve shown in the picture above,has the same type of embroidery,as we usually get to see in almost all the embroidered Indian Kurtas which start with a basically very low range(you may find them cheaper than 500 bucks in our local Indian markets).

                Now, the point is,is it reasonable for a brand to extract the hard earned money,just by using its brand name?I know,many people are spendthrift or capable of buying these types of costly stuffs which only show- case their luxurious lifestyle and nothing else. I am just wondering,what type of people spend such an exorbitant amount for a simple linen kurta?

              And how can anyone say,that this is a Kaftan?? As a Fashion Blogger and Reviewer,I can just vouch on the fact that this is a simple kurta with a little bit embroidery and a tassel closure on the neck area and flared sleeves,and nothing more than that. It’s Not at all a Kaftan. Kaftan dresses are breezy and light,they make one feel relaxed and this is one of the reasons,that most of our night dresses are made in a Kaftan pattern.

            Kaftan is often worn as a coat or as an over-dress,it has long flared sleeves and reaching to the ankles. In regions with a warm climate,it is worn as a light-weight,loose fitting garment.Not only this,this dress can be worn by all the body types of women, basically for a chubby woman,it hides the body parts which one doesn’t like to accentuate 😊.

              So the off-white or white garment,which the famous,Lavish Italian brand Gucci is selling is actually NOT a Kaftan,but it’s a Simple Embroidered, extortionate Kurti. I’ve given the pictures of Real Kaftan for reference purpose,above.

            Therefore,I am definitely against this selling of Brand-Name without using the creative brains😊

Vibrant Yellow & Purple Coloured Pure Cotton Sangria Kurta❤️

In my last post,i’ve shared a little detail about the fabric Cotton,about how rich it’s tradition is. So without being repetitive,I am hereby sharing before you my view about the kurta(pure cotton),which I have purchased very lately from Myntra.

             I keep on shopping for different varieties of things for myself,but this time,i chose to go with a bright yellow coloured a-line kurta for me,which is again made up of ofcourse,my favourite fabric,pure cotton. The nice thing about this particular bright colour is,it instantly uplifts your mood on the days when you feel low.

             Being a Pure cotton kurta,it’s very light weight and is again very pocket friendly 😊. And look-wise,I would give it a 10/10 . The Brand is again,Sangria and i am certainly in love with  all the kurtas i’ve bought from this brand. The TRP of Sangria kurtas is it’s flare plus the pockets given at both the sides of it’s kurtas( which is really very useful)

Video Link

              This beautiful yellow and purple printed flared kurta,can be worn at colleges,offices or for that matter,any small occasions. It again has a mandarin collar and a three-forth sleeves,which makes it a semi-formal wear too.

                   The different types of colours on this kurta,gives you all the options to team it up with a nice bottom of your choice with it.Not only this,the yellow shade,makes you look more brighter and refreshened up😊. It enhances your skin tone and gives you an instant glow.

                         So go for it girls,abd flaunt your beauty,without burning a hole in your pocket 😊

Buying Link:

You can also watch the detailed video of this particular kurta on my you tube channel:

Green Printed Pure Cotton A-Line Kurta Under Rs.860😱

So the fabric Cotton,needs no introduction I guess. Every house-hold,has cotton fabrics in abundance,be it in the form of bedsheets,garments or even towel & handkerchiefs😊.Only a few thing I want to say about this amazing fabric is,it’s very lightweight,highly breathable,has the capability to absorb moisture/water(be it sweat),and also has a tendency to dry up quickly.

Video Link

                 Though this fabric is more durable than silk,it’s less durable than wool and is sometimes prone to pilling,rips and tears. But still Cotton remains one of the most popular and definitely, one of the highest produced fabrics in the world.

                 Now,talking about the natural colour of cotton,it’s white or slightly yellowish and when converted into our favourite attire,it has to undergo a colouring/dying process.The fabric can also be washed at a high temperature and the best thing about it is,it gets draped very easily 😊.

              It’s basically,an all-season fabric,which is very soft and when compared to other fabrics a little bit pricey too. Most of our bedsheets, handkerchiefs,towels are made up of Pure cotton coz they have a tendency to absorb water in themselves.

             When talking about our kids,we always prefer pure cotton fabrics for our kids,be it in the form of their clothes,bedsheets,wrappers,caps,socks etc etc anything and everything just because,this fabric,unlike many other fabrics,doesn’t cause any kind of rashes or allergies on a babies skin and it’s also ultra soft. Not only kids,when talking about us as an adult,we too (I guess coz I specially),prefer cotton fabric for us,be it a suit,shirt,saree or salwar-kameez, anything.

Buying Link:

               And if you get this comfort at a budget-friendly price,at the comfort of your home,nothing great like it. So today i’ve brought a Pure Cotton,printed,anarkali kurta for you which will definitely fetch you loads of compliments wherever you go.

                  Interesting thing about this particular kurta is,it’s very versatile,it can be worn to your colleges,offices or any small function. It’s quite a flairy kurta and has a mandarin neck-line which again makes our neck look very much slim and in shape😊. Mandarin collar makes us look even smarter than we are,making our neck area look a bit taller. It simply adds elegance to our personality and can be worn at any semi-formal parties.

                      This kurta,also has  three-quartered sleeves,which,no-doubt,looks very elegant,but at the same time,also prevents the sun-tan when going in the sun directly. This kurta has a nice printing on it,of different colours,which makes it open to any kind of bottoms of these colours,but looking at its red taping,all over the bottom area,I would highly recommend a red colour bottom with it,be it a ciggerate pant,or a palazzo or a simple red chudidar. Again,team this kurta up,with a nice footwear,(I would suggest a Kolhapuri) or any kinds of heels or flats(though, according to me,it will go nice with flats),and wear an earring of your choice,and you are good to go😊. This green coloured kurta is not a floor-length,but it’s length is decent enough (myself,being a 5.6″ tall,the kurta is a few inches away from the floor length),it has a small slit at the front,bottom part, through which,the bottom you wear,is visible.

                 Again,as you can see in the picture,fabricated buttons are given all over it,but they are not at all openable. It has got frills all-over it’s waistline,so this is appropriate for a chubby girl like me,who has a little fat around her tummy(it basically hides all the tummy fat).


                  So incase,if you want this very simple,yet elegant looking pure cotton A-line kurta for yourself,I am giving the buying link,so hurry,grab one for yourself,before the stock is gone 🏃‍♀️

        And i am also hereby,sharing the link of the video of this kurta on my youtube channel,in-case you want to have a look at the video,you can click on the link here:


Buying Link:

Branded,Budget-Freindly Handbags To Be Flaunted Everyday❤️

I am always in search of a handbag,which is of-course,Branded,but at the same time,not heavy on my pocket,coz i just feel,if I want to have variety,then why spend so much? Spending smartly,overall must be our concern.

There are many online stores,which provides you with cost-effective Branded Handbags. Moreover,these bags are Not made up of genuine leather,which, for me,is again interesting,coz by using these types of leather,we just Avoid Animal Cruelty. Not only this,these Artificial Leather,is very easy to take care of,unlike the Real ones.

The Buying Links:

When talking about ladies,our wardrobe is generally full of different kinds of handbags,suiting our tastes and personality,be it a simple Wallet,or a Hobo bag,or a Shoulder bag, or a Clutch,or a Tote bag etc etc etc(there is a never ending list) and most of them are high on expense,which, according to me,is a total wastage of money,coz i am sure,we don’t carry similar handbags always wherever we go. We need varieties for that,and spending so much,again-and-again,is nothing more than foolishness.

Therefore, keeping both,the Brand and the Budget in mind,i’ve chosen some handbags for me, which may be liked by some of you too. These handbags are from the Brand,Lavie & Leno Perros,which I feel,is a well-known brand when we talks about bags.

I’ve chosen one in Red and the other in Wine/Burgundy colour,(which makes it look really very stylish). These bags are very Classy,and Sturdy at the same time. They can both,be carried as a hand-held,or as a shoulder bag(as the straps are provided with them).

The bags are also spacious,in which,we can carry our essentials without a fuss. Moreover,nothing parallels the excitement,which is there in shopping at the comfort of your home,whenever you want.

You can see the video of these beauties in my youtube channel through this link

The Buying Links: